Polymer Adhesives in essence help keep everything all together. Often in plastics and polymer manufacturing when a client demands more or less of the end-product in terms of its designed characteristics, for example, more flexible, less flexible, more chemical or heat resistant or perhaps to perform more or less of other functions and characteristics the balance in the polymer integrity can be at risk.

In these instances polymer adhesives are often chosen to help bond things together, including other polymers and Hacoplast will consult with our clients to find and source scientifically developed polymer adhesives for their desired purpose.

Polymer Adhesion solutions include:

  • Polymers in the food, pharmaceutical and flexible packaging industries such as those for easy-open packaging, air tight hermetic food packaging, tamper proof and pressure sensitive packaging and coating adhesives for paper, foil, etc.
  • Industrial applications such as solar panel encapsulants and glass laminating interlayers and polymer-to-polymer adhesives and “tie layers” for coextrusion or coupling agents for filled polymers.
  • Plus many many more applications in the automotive, furniture, construction and engineering industries.