About our Company

The ambition of Hacoplast B.V. is to reduce the cost level and improve the competitiveness of its customers.

Hacoplast B.V. started 1 September 2005 and can rely on extensive experience in the plastics industry and over 13 years in the automotive industry.

The customers of Hacoplast are plastics, engineering, manufacturing and other companies located in The Netherlands (Holland), Belgium, the western part of Germany and the UK.

Customers of Hacoplast continue to decrease the cost level and improve the competitiveness, which results in more satisfied customers and shareholders. Companies which use the service of Hacoplast and adopt the approach of Hacoplast will survive easier in this difficult market.

Below you find a summary of the activities of Hacoplast. 

Activities of Hacoplast B.V.:

Research & Development of Polymers, Additives, Masterbatches, Adhesives and Coatings

Delivery of cost-attractive plastics and polymers processing machines, produced in China or Taiwan, including service.

Delivery of  mixers, mix-filters, filters and machine nozzles for multiple polymer processing applications

Delivery of robots, KUKA 6-axis and WETEC 3-axis.

Consultancy especially with focus on lean manufacturing.



Our Mission

Our partnership with our clients is based on mutual trust and we do what is best for our clients following our company’s values and methods.